The Arthur Lauer Story

Founded in 1983 under the name of “Wood Classics”, Arthur Lauer continues to earn the trust of our clients by continuing to deliver Unparalleled Quality, Uncompromising Service and Unyielding Construction. Manufactured 100% in the United States from the beginning, unlike the vast majority of our competition, we remain committed to the values of our namesake.

AL_FamilyOur namesake is Arthur L. Lauer, often called Art. Born in 1924, Art served in WWII on the front lines and earned a Silver Star, A Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts and fought in the epic conflict at Anzio in Italy. Married 65 years before losing his wife in 2009, Art raised six kids in Michigan and is a retired teacher living in Dublin, Ohio near his son Bruce, our CEO. Often called America’s Greatest Generation for their values and work ethic, we take pride in seeking to continue these values and always strive to “Do the Right Thing”.







Unparalleled Quality

  • Every piece of teak we use is genuine Tectona Grandis of First European Quality, the highest grade in existence.
  • Quality inspected at each step of the manufacturing process to ensure defects are found and eliminated.
  • Dry fit before assembly and shipping to ensure proper tolerances are met on every product.

Uncompromising Service

  • We are a phone call or mouse click away and always eager to help.
  • We provide replacement parts for all products we sell. An accident or natural event should not render a product unusable or require replacement.
  • We offer one the best warranties available because we are that confident in our products.

Unyielding Construction

  • True mortise and tenon joinery, the strongest method.
  • All joints are first secured with weatherproof glue and then screwed together for ultimate durability.
  • Where screwed, the holes are recessed and pegged so that the screws will never rust or stain.
  • All furniture is hand inspected to exacting American Standards.


Why Made In The United States?

Since our founding in 1983 we remain committed to manufacturing all of our products in the United States while the vast majority or our competition manufactures and assembles their products overseas.

American manufactures have a reputation for getting it right the first time and doing so with precision. Manufacturing in the United States allows us to innovate, provide opportunities to fellow citizens, provide superior customer service and move quickly to meet the need of our clients. In addition, by manufacturing right here in Milford, Ohio we avoid the following:

  • Subjecting our products to possible shipping damage caused by being stuffed into shipping containers and traveling thousands of miles by boat and trucks.
  • Projecting which products our clients might need by having to order months in advance and the possibility of needing to wait on the next shipment to meet your needs.
  • Not having replacement parts when you need them.
  • Subjecting our quality standards to interpretation.
  • Not knowing the working conditions of our labor force.

What manufacturing in the United States does not mean is higher prices over the course of our products lifetime because we quality inspect each part at the end of each manufacturing process to ensure defects are eliminated, use only premium grade teak, use the strongest method of joining wood (mortise and tenon) and use only premium grade hardware, glue and dry fit each part prior to shipping. We control and entire manufacturing and assembly process so at the end of the day we know what our clients are getting. Finally, as hard as we try we know we are not perfect but manufacturing in the United States allows us to fix things quickly and in the event of an accident or natural event can provide replacement parts when you need them.

We simply believe in America and as Art’s generation taught us, do things for the right reasons.


Company Highlights

• Founded in 1983 (Formerly Wood Classics)
• Employee Owned
• Manufactured 100% in the United States
• Trusted major university’s licensee
• Plantation grown teak of First European Quality
• Readily available replacement parts for all products

Customer Testimonial

“Great quality. Consistently available products – years later same chairs still available”
~ Customer Survey Response


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