Whether in classrooms, patient rooms, or chapels, proper lighting is essential. It establishes the mood and enhances productivity. That’s why many institutions have turned to Revolution Lighting Technologies, Inc. (RVLT™) for their lighting needs.

RVLT, Inc. manufactures a broad selection of highly efficient, long-lasting LED lamps ideally suited for schools, healthcare facilities, and houses of worship. Our products are mercury-free and produce no UV. They generate ample, beautiful light to make time spent in classrooms, hallways, stairwells, gymnasiums, auditoriums, offices, and conference rooms safer and more productive. Our exterior solutions reduce the maintenance required along walkways, in parking lots, and around building exteriors. And because of their unparalleled efficiency, RVLT, Inc. LEDs often earn valuable utility rebates. The RVLT, Inc. products most commonly used in institutional facilities include:

Tube Lights


Par Lights




Interior Luminaires




High Bays


Exterior Luminaires

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