Real Tactics To Master A Rocky Recovery

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By Jack Rogers

In the summer of 2008, we at Group C Media–parent company of Business Facilities and its sister publication Today’s Facility Manager, and BF’s highly successful annual LiveXchange event–began laying the groundwork for a bold, yet logical expansion of our portfolio.Unknown-1

For the past four decades, BF has been a leader in tracking business expansions and economic development. On the pages of our magazine and at our LiveXchange event, we’ve excelled at matching prime locations with site selection professionals searching for the perfect place to put their next facility. For more than 25 years, TFM has been the central repository for everything you need to know about facilities management. Group C Media strives to give C-Suite execs the information they need to thrive in today’s highly competitive market.

Corporate real estate is a common thread that runs through everything we cover. CRE teams include site selectors, facility managers, finance experts, IT and human resources executives, among others. So in 2008 we began developing a new suite of products that would put the spotlight on CRE and build on the synergy between our established titles. A new event and perhaps a new magazine and website were on the agenda, and we were confident the time was right to move forward.

Unbeknownst to us (and just about everyone else on the planet), a catastrophe of epic proportions was about to detonate over the commercial real estate market. In the wake of the global economic meltdown in the fall of 2008, everybody’s expansion plans–including ours–were put on hold.

In 2014, with an economic recovery slowly but steadily regaining its sea legs, we think it’s time to relight the front burner. So this week we’re proud to launch our new CRE-oriented conference and expo, Real Street 2015.

A joint enterprise of the BF and TFM teams, in partnership with B2B media innovators Stone Fort Group, Real Street 2015 will take place February 11-12, 2015 at the LVH Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

We intend to make the Real Street 2015 conference the go-to place where CRE teams can find the latest real-world strategies they need to meet the expectations (okay, DEMANDS) of senior leadership in today’s ultra-competitive and cost-conscious market.

Our Real Street 2015 expo hall will be a mecca of A-list exhibitors, including companies drawn from the BF and TFM event databases, Fortune 500 powerhouses, major economic development agencies and real estate leaders. In addition to the major real estate brokers and property management players, a wide range of services will be represented on the show floor, including building automation, engineering services, mobile workplace solutions, IT and network solution providers, energy management and environmental assessment specialists, interior design firms, and many, many more.

We know the challenges confronting CRE execs have evolved dramatically since our first formative plans for a CRE-oriented event in 2008. In the heady days before the global financial meltdown, it seemed like the sky was the limit.

The post-Recession world is focused on living within our means and maximizing profit margins by holding down costs. Solid evidence of this “new normal” is found in a recent report on global CRE trends from Jones Lang LaSalle. The JLL survey reported that the top three tactical demands being placed on CRE teams were: reducing direct real estate costs, increasing utilization of existing buildings in portfolios and reducing the operational costs of the real estate portfolio.

So our Real Street 2015 conference program will zero in on the real-world strategies CRE teams need to maximize the return on their real estate investments. Our two-day concurrent sessions will be jam-packed with insightful, accredited presentations on asset management, property management, portfolio optimization, development and planning, finance and strategic partnerships, among other subjects.

We’ll also draw upon our expertise at BF and TFM, with sessions on site selection/location strategy, construction, energy management, facility management, logistics, technology and workforce development strategies.

You can grab a front-row seat to watch our new event come together, view the latest additions to our conference program and see who’s joining the parade of exhibitors at our new website,

We hope you’ll pay us a visit there soon and we look forward to seeing you in person in Las Vegas early next year at Real Street 2015!

 Rogers is editor in chief of Business Facilities.


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