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Welcome to FacilityBlog

Written by Heidi Schwartz. Posted in FacilityBlog

Published on May 13, 2005 with 5 Comments

Friday the 13th seems like as good a day as any to start a Blog, especially with the news of major base closures looming around the country. The announcement, which was officially released today, was actually leaked to our offices yesterday by someone who knows someone who works in the facilities department of our local military neighbor, Fort Monmouth. Naturally, this was all taken with a grain of salt, but sure enough, the local rumor mill was actually right for once.

As one of my friends (who happens to work at the Fort) said to me in an e-mail today, “I’m not listing my house anytime soon.”

Clearly, the impact on local communities will be felt in everything from restaurants and other retail establishments to schools and hospitals that support the bases. Is this ever an easy process or decision to make?

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Heidi Schwartz

Schwartz joined Group C Media in April 1989 as managing editor of Today's Facility Manager (TFM) magazine (formerly Business Interiors) where she was subsequently promoted to editor/co-publisher of the monthly trade magazine for facility management professionals. In September 2012, she took over the newly created position of internet director for TFM's parent company, Group C Media, where she is charged with developing content and creating online strategies for TFM and its sister publication, Business Facilities. Schwartz can be reached at

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  1. I’ve lived at the Jersey Shore my entire life and it seems that since the late 70′s the base has always been on the short list to be closed or has even been scheduled to be closed but always seems to find a way to survive. It has more lives than a cat. I think it will find some way to survive this round as well.

  2. We joked about it yesterday (the blue states being punished and the red states being rewarded), but the Daily Kos states it plainly.Take a quick look at the following link:

  3. Hmmmmm – seems to me – from a facility standpoint – the focus is on “decommissioning” rather than commissioning.
    I thought we were at war?
    BTW – Heidi, I couldn’t see the entire link to the Kos. So I hesitate to post this one – but this is an interesting and reasoned (yeah I know hard to believe) editorial from Thursday’s Chicago Tribune about extremism and “The art of jamming beliefs down our throats.”
    For what it’s worth:,1,4656320.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

  4. Round 2 –
    The Kos comments
    “they will all fight this list tooth and nail, watch Lieberman outdo them all”
    Isn’t it the JOB of elected officials to fight against job losses and facility closings?

    I’d rather see them staying in DC to do this, than to take another junket (like MY Rep – Speaker Hastert) – maybe an investigation of beach erosion in Fiji (true!)…

    Anyway – as moonshinejim says – this is a long way from over.

  5. I do wonder what will happen to the facilities and the surrounding sites that are “decommissioned.” Will government representatives take a break from their filibusters over filibusters, their TV appearances, and photo ops (ridiculous golf junkets aside–ask Tom DeLay) to take their constituencies into consideration?

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